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Combining the forming and fineblanking processes provides Feinstanz AG with tremendous potential for designing challenging multifunctional components.


When quality of sheared surfaces, enhanced accuracy requirements and elevated levels of clean shear are specified, fineblanking technology comes into its own. With a machine park including state-of-the-art hydraulic fineblanking presses in the total force capacity range of 100 to 700 tons, we produce complex, high-precision fineblanked and formed components from a diversity of materials up to thicknesses of 15 mm.

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Formed components

Combinations of forming and fineblanking offer our customers tremendous potential when designing sophisticated multifunctional components. This sheer diversity of perspectives in component design, including simultaneous cost-cutting and superior quality of the downstream processes, makes combined fineblanking and forming a fascinating option in progressive design engineering.

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Components with teeth

We achieve particularly high levels of productivity by deploying the fineblanking process to generate components with tooth geometries. Our expertise includes the precision fineblanking of small tooth modules in heavy-gauge components.

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Feinstanz AG assembles complete modules for dedicated customer solutions. We develop and produce your individual fineblanked and formed components, e.g. gears, and efficiently assemble them with purchased parts. This allows you to create ideal special-purpose packaging concepts for handling and optimising logistics processes.

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